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Piles Treatment Hospital in Nashik

Dr. Lolages Kalasiddhi Anorectal Ozone Hospital is considered the best hospital for piles treatment in Nashik. Patient complains something coming out of anus, again going inside, or mass feeling by hands outside the anus, burning sensation in anus, sometimes bleeding sometimes severe pain while passing the stool, uneasiness, disomfort in stomach, off & on acidity, constipation.

Treatment of piles in 1st degree is simple only purgatives for smooth stol, ghee, Trifala, buttermilk, Gandharva Haritaki & Isabgol like Purgatives are enough to avoid complications of piles, Like prolapse piles, prolapse rectum, fistula in future. Treatment of piles in later second or third stage is only to remove it by different ways. It is called as Haemorrhidectom.

The Best Piles Treatment Doctors in Nashik

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